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    My personal tactics


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    My personal tactics Empty My personal tactics

    Post  Mosin36 Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:57 pm

    When I nerf, I hate being in a group with other people. Call me a loner, but I like fighting in a group by myself or with one other person. It allows for faster movement and a steathier approach. I also hate sitting down and shooting it out. I like to manouver so that I attack from the sides or rear. This is one reason I like fighting in the woods guerilla style. It is easy to lure away one guy at a time and pick him off, rather than charge like the freakin' Light Brigade. I also travel light with normally only one gun and only twenty or thirty rounds. My longshot for example is just about sawn-off to the breech. I have four clips, seven rounds each. My longshot has been modded to shoot any type of bullet, including most stefans. So after I'm out of my ammo, I shoot the enemies back at 'em. When I do have a back-up, it's my trusty Nightfinder, no Ars, Magstrike spring, hacked to pieces to fit my comfort.
    My favorite environment, as I said was the woods. There are a ton where I live and I know every inch of 'em. It is easy to ambush and sneak around enemy groups. Also it is easy to slip away after you strike and set up another ambush. So these are my tactics. Guerilla Warfare Baby!!! Let me know what tactics and weapons you use.
    durka durka
    durka durka

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    Post  durka durka Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:06 pm

    Interesting tactics that sound like a lot of fun to execute.
    When I nerf, I like to be versatile in tactic and load down.
    Sometimes I will choose a load out that contains guns for any situation, like maybe a bbbb, rf20, and nitefinder(if I can fit it somewhere). This allows me fight in any way moderately well.
    Once in a while, I will arm myself with lots of rapid fire guns and anything I can get my hands on. This makes it easy to shoot loads of foam back at the enemy, but weighs you down considerably. Usually, I set some guns down in a central location to ease the weight even though I can't stray far from my other guns. When you can get in an ambush position with this kind of loadout, the results can be deadly to any enemy. I sometimes use this style not because it is tactically superior, but because it is a load of fun to use rapid fire nerf guns.
    While going crazy with a lot of rapid fire guns is fun, my final tactic is extremely fun.
    When bored with my other tactics, I go through my stash and arm myself with a nite finder and..... thats it. Nothing else. Like a friggin Kamikaze, i run around the battlefield, and often straight at enemies, trying to pick them off while dodging all the darts they can sling at me. Due to the craziness and insanity, this is very fun.
    While I will nerf almost anywhere (like places underwater or with pits filled with fire), I like to nerf indoors because of the fast pace the setting delivers. I will do any tactic, use any weapon, and nerf anywhere as long as it is fun.
    I will finish this by saying that you haven't nerfed if you haven't gone Kamikaze!!!

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    Post  cannotaim Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:01 am

    Use my semi-auto 2k as a sidearm although it is big enough and good enough to be a primary and my doomsayer as a primary. I rush and cover. Yeah thats about it.

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    Post  nuni7270 Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:10 am

    Well, as for tactics, I usually carry a recon as a primary with the stock in one of my many pockets(I use camo cargo pants), up to 2 mags with 6 darts each, the barrel in case I need to make an accurate shot, and a modded, silenced nitefinder with three darts as a secondary. On occasion I will carry my deploy as well but not as a primary. One tactic that I always do is to keep moving, the second you stop is the second you are dead. Since I know my neighborhood inside and out I can usually go to one of my many hiding spots to either spy or make plans and I usually travel with only one person to watch my back. I never engage a group but instead try to pick em off one at a time. I also take the darts of fallen enemies and shoot them back at them when I'm out of ammo. Camping is only good if it is unexpected but since I am already known as a camper it doesn't work anymore for me. WEWT first post....

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    My personal tactics Empty Re: My personal tactics

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